Third place for Lightpainted Doll in Popovy Sisters’ competition

Third place for Lightpainted Doll in Popovy Sisters‘ competition, yay!!!

Congrats to all winners and especially to Kasia Nowak for winning the special prize, we think Kasia’s work is fantastic!

Big thank you to Popovy Sis and Igor for organising and running of this contest, it was a lot of fun and some wonderful entries! What a joy to behold!

Here’s more photos from this series:

Popovy Magpie by Lightpainted Doll- 3rd place in the Popovy Sisters competition! Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 18.14.04

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Fans of Lightpainted Dolls,

A lot of things have happened this year and the vast majority of them- great. 

I am grateful to all of you for the amazing support and following! Thank you for what I could learn from you, for the inspiration you have provided me with and for the love I could see and feel every time one of your received my doll! This means the world to me and your words prove that it is all worth it every time I get a wonderful email from you. 

Therefore I want to thank you very much again- 

for another wonderful year,

for all your kindness,

for everlasting support,

and for making my life the dream life I always wanted to live- a life, in which my art work is the most important thing (or one of them) and where the dolls I make bring you as much joy as they bring me!

For the continuing love of dolls and doll making!!!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2014!!!

With love,



Merry Christmas from Lightpainted Doll!

Merry Christmas from Lightpainted Doll!

New gorgeous porcelain ball jointed dolls coming soon…


to the world


Lightpainted Dolls


Porcelain BJD

Porcelain OOAK BJD


Stay tuned

to be up to date


the new 





Ball Jointed Dolls

! ! !

Porcelain BJD


Porcelain OOAK BJD

Porcelain OOAK BJD


Porcelain BJD


Porcelain BJD


Dolls & photos © Ilona Jurgiel






My handmade Ball Jointed Dolls- in plasticine!

My latest doll making adventures…

BJD sculpted in plasticine

One of my first good-looking BJD’s

Plasticine BJD
Plasticine BJD

One of my first good-looking BJD’s- with different, more realistic and adult-looking, head.

Sculpted in plasticine

Dolls were sculpted in plasticine and then kept in the refrigerator or, if needed, in the freezer (especially during a hot summer!). I then worked on the ball joints, making them round to perfection.

At last- I made moulds…

Mould making