My new OOAK porcelain BJD- Mictecacihuatl

The exhibition in New York

with my doll photographs starts tomorrow!!!

Photographs of my newest OOAK porcelain BJD will be shown there. The doll herself was shown in the Martyrs Art Exhibition in London.

She can be found in my Etsy shop.

Mictecacihuatl, the One of a Kind Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll

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The New York exhibition

More info about the amazing art work to be shown in the exhibition here:

(for my work go to Page 2)

The exhibition in New York Facebook Event Page:

with my doll photographs starts tomorrow!!!

This is where:

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If you’re in New York, pop in to the Gallery- the art work shown will be amazing!

Here are some examples:

Paradisaea Decora

Richey Beckett

Matt Vickerstaff

And my most recent work:


Lightpainted Doll featured on Art Dolls Only website

I am so happy to share this with you- my dolls have been featured on the “Art Dolls Only” blog:

(This is the website:

I am really honoured!

Art Dolls Only, art doll, porcelain ball jointed doll, BJD, handmade, making, doll, dolls

Art Dolls Only, Art Doll, Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll, BJD, Handmade, Making, Doll, Dolls



I am showing one of my art OOAK ball jointed dolls at the collaborative show in London this Friday: .php?eid=281654131874718

exhibition, porcelain ball jointed doll

The MARTYRS ART EXHIBITION, in which I take part, will run 10th Nov-23rd Nov 2011.

I am pleased to invite you to the show’s opening night this FRIDAY, 11th NOV 2011. The private view starts at 6pm and finishes late. We will have DJ Cavey Nik enhancing the atmosphere with some fine tunes.

This cultural event is definitely one of those not to miss this year, especially if your soul desires to be poked with all things dark and twisted from time to time. 🙂

My art doll will only be shown on the opening night, so if you’d like to see her, please come on Friday!

Thank you and I would be delighted to see you all there!!!


Lightpainted Doll


Exhibition, Porcelain Ball Jointed Doll, London