I feel very touched today.

A while ago, one of my clients told me something about my name, which I was unaware of. I’ve read and heard many things about the meaning of my name but somehow missed the one that’s the most important and probably most true, and definitely the most relevant one to me.

‪#‎Ilona‬ is a Magyar (Hungarian) name, which is the traditional name of the Queen of ‪#‎Faeries‬ in Magyar folklore. And what are my dolls, if not tiny magical being from the realm of fays? 

And today I’ve received a poem from one of my happy clients, who is delighted with her own little Fairy of ‪#‎LightpaintedDoll‬. This is what the client, Polina, wrote:

Здравствуйте Илона.

Сегодня приехала куколка! О, она восхитительна! какая нежная! красивая! я думала будет просто куколка, а она ещё в образе сказочной феи. вы просто волшебница! спасибо вам большое за неё! завтра же пойду в лес её фотографировать)))

а ещё я хочу отправить вам вот этот стих, он про вас!

Фея знала своё дело,
И, летая в небесах,
Днём и ночью, то и дело
Совершая чудеса.
Фея кукол создавала,
Мастерила, колдовала,
Всё чего она касалась,
Оживало, просыпалось.
И в её руках послушно,
Обретали куклы души.
Ведь у кукол судьбы тоже,
С человеческими схожи.
А потом свои трофеи
Раздавала людям фея.
Потому что это средство,
Чтобы вечно помнить детство.


Желаю вам творческих успехов, вдохновения и всего самого наилучшего! спасибо вам Огромное!


What a lovely poem! What a beautiful email to receive in the morning, at the beginning of a day!

I am a very happy ‪#‎Fairy‬ Mother living in a dream-like kingdom…  

Who would have thought…!! 


Welcome Ilona.

The doll came today! Oh, she’s adorable! What a sweetheart! Beautiful! I thought it would be just a doll, but she is also in the form of a fairy being! You just a Fairy Wizardess!! Thank you very much for her! Tomorrow I shall go to the forest to photograph her.   

And I want to send you this poem, it is about you!

A Fairy knew her work
Flying in the sky,
Day and night, from time to time,
Performing miracles.
She created fairy dolls,
Conjured magical beings,
Everything she touched,
Came to life, woke up.
In her hands obediently
A Doll acquired a soul.
After all, dolls depends on fate,
Just like humans.
And then she handed out her trophies
to the Realm of the Fay People,
Because this is a means,
To always remember one’s childhood.

L. Rubalskaya

I wish you every success, inspiration, and all the best! Thank you very much!




Lightpainted Fairy

Fairy sparkles

LD Fairy