A One of a Kind surprise new doll by BJtales, Lightpainted Doll and Orchid Designs!

As a special treat, we have a wonderful surprise for you!

The result of an amazing trio collaboration- something that does not happen every day (or not at all!)-

a true ONE OF A KIND





Lovingly designed, constructed, painted and clothed especially for you by

Lidiya Snul of BJtales,

Ilona Lightpainted Doll 

and Monika Viktoria of orchidsdesigns.com!

Nifer 1920's Spring

Nifer 1920’s Spring

 by Lidia Snul of BJtales 

 in beautiful, ever so slightly translucent, mahogany resin-


This beautiful ethnic princess has been carefully designed and cast by hand to bring you completely new sensations when you touch and hold her!

The artist Lidia Snul worked very hard on achieving skin-like texture to the doll’s surface and this has been faithfully replicated in the handmade artist casts by Andrey Korchagin from Russia.

The look and feel of this doll is very different to anything you’ve held before!

As a special treat for our customers and doll lovers, 

Lidia Snul of BJtales and Ilona of Lightpainted Doll 

entered into an exciting and fruitful collaboration

 where two artists’ minds met 

and created the final look of this unusual, beautiful doll.

 Bjtales sculpted every detail of this doll, painstakingly making sure that the new “skin” design will have “pores” and the texture will not be lost in casting. The completely new head sculpt brings realism and detail, which you will not cease to admire!

  Ilona / Lightpainted Doll skillfully painted Nifer in order to bring her to life and gave her an even more human, yet somewhat haunted appearance.

 In addition,


Orchid Designs  have employed their magic and created a beautiful 1920’s-inspired ensemble 

for a truly unusual and stunning look of this OOAK Nifer doll!

The unusual, first time ever collaboration of three doll artists brings you



The doll will come to you fully assembled, painted and blushed, wearing the amazing One of a Kind outfit by Monika Viktoria!

The Full Set will also include the two wigs pictured made by Lightpainted Doll and Orchid Designs.

The beautiful eyes are included and the joints of your OOAK Nifer will be fully lined for truly life-like posing and sturdiness.

The resin is very different from what you are used to- not toy-like and unnaturally smooth, it will make you feel like you’re touching the real thing!

The texture of the doll’s “skin” photographs beautifully and the “pores” are very human-like.

Nifer is 29cm high.

Nifer 1920's Spring- double blonde

Nifer 1920's Spring- small 6

Nifer 1920's Spring- small 8

Nifer 1920's Spring- small 11

Nifer 1920's Spring- double small

 Nifer 1920's Spring

The doll will be shipped in 3-4 months. 

UPDATE: This doll has already sold!

If you’re interested in a real One of a Kind doll like this one (each OOAK doll will be painted and dressed differently, however), please email for more information:


Shipping and insurance (if requested) will be added when your doll is ready to be sent.

Thank you!

MORE PHOTOS OF NIFER HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilona_lightpainting/sets/72157643327311945


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