Here you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Lightpainted Dolls as well as the reasons for my behind becoming a doll maker and how I create my porcelain BJD’s.


Why Lightpainted Dolls?

My vast experience as a doll photographer, great attention to detail and hypersensitivity towards beautiful human and fairy-like form resulted in my creating porcelain ball jointed dolls like no others. They are tiny and delicate, look perfect when juxtaposed with filigree jewellery and doll house miniatures. These dolls are also extremely durable- they can last hundred of years if handled with care. Such is porcelain, the tough and translucent ceramic medium which I use to create Lightpainted Dolls. The material utilised and cherished by artists and craftsmen for centuries for its amazing qualities.

Every doll lover and collector wants to purchase and own an item which will last very long and not lose its beauty and colour. My dolls are made of high quality porcelain and kiln-fired, painted several times in layers in between firings. The extremely high temperatures of kiln firing ensure that the porcelain and paints bond, therefore no smudges or chips in the doll’s make up/blushing are possible.

I use transparent elastic cords to string my dolls, as I strongly believe that this is the best method to allow a ball jointed doll flexibility and- what may sound surprising at first- durability. Metal rubbing against metal will eventually wear off and break. Too tight a stringing will cause the doll’s limbs to snap and- in the process- break. The elastic can be changed by the doll owner with ease and it can be freely adjusted simply by twisting the doll’s torso. I recommend “floppy” stringing for taking photographs of your doll, as she will pose better and will display more flexibility when posing. If you want your doll to hold a pose longer or just prefer tighter stringing- it is easy to achieve, again, just by a few twists of your porcelain BJD’s torso.

The elastic can be changed by every doll owner! It is not a difficult process and it only becomes easier with time. No material is everlasting but if it’s very easy to change the elastic which holds your doll together- you can do it when it’s necessary or even when it takes your fancy- to check your BJD’s various posing abilities. This will result in you taking better photographs of your doll, bonding easier with her, getting to know her very well. There is no need to send the doll back to me for re-stringing. You can now do this yourself without the risk of anything bad happening to your doll! You don’t have to worry about the shipping prices, about the doll’s journey and possible loss and breakage.

The elastic in your doll will last a long time but if you need/want to change it in the future, your doll will come with a spare one.

Lidia Snul of BJtales and I have worked on publishing video tutorials showing in detail how to string a ball jointed porcelain doll. Stringing with elastic is safe, easy and interesting to learn and you can do it anytime you like. The elastic cord is the safest way to hold your doll’s parts together- it is less strong than the porcelain the doll is made of, therefore it will not cause any parts to break if the doll is strung too tightly. Elastic stringing is re-workable, adjustable, and easy to amend. And your porcelain BJD will pose beautifully- any way you want her to!

Lightpainted Doll must be always handled with care and  she will give you joy, beauty and friendship for as long as you wish. The porcelain I use to make my Lightpainted Dolls is extremely durable but it is not titanium or spider’s silk- it will break if dropped from height or hit with a hard object. If handled gently, however, your LD will pose in almost every possible way, emulating human limb movements very closely. The porcelain doll owner and their doll can now be more playful and experimenting thanks to the elastic stringing method- the safest way to offer your doll movement, flexibility and cuddliness.

Please check back soon to view the doll stringing videos!






  • Are Lightpainted Dolls for sale?
  • Yes
  • What is the waiting time for a dolls?
  • It depends. At the moment the waiting time is three-four months but the more orders we receive, the longer the wait. If you choose a lay-away payment option (instalments), the waiting time will vary and correspond to the number of instalments.
  • What is the price of a nude Lightpainted Doll?
  • The prices vary depending on the custom requests for your doll and any additional features you may want for her. There is a 1/2 price non-refundable deposit to be paid when you make your order and the remaining balance needs to be paid on completion of the order. You will receive photos of your doll and she will be ready to ship. That will be the time to pay the last instalment. Please email me for more details.
  • Is the shipping included in the price of a doll?
  • No. Shipping rates vary hugely from a country to a country and we will only be able to specify those once we know where the doll is going. Please bear in mind that Lightpainted Dolls are tiny and the shipping cost will reflect that, so you will definitely spend less than on shipping of any other, larger dolls.
  • What is the size of Lightpainted Dolls?
  • The newest Lightpainted Dolls are circa 22cm high (8-9”) but the size can vary slightly depending on the porcelain shrinkage ratio.
  • Are the wigs removable?
  • Yes. There will be wigs available for order on the website soon as well.
  • Are the eyes changeable?
  • Yes. I will be updating the website with photos of many different kinds of eyes available for purchase very soon.


Lightpainted Doll

Lightpainted Doll, a porcelain handmade ball jointed doll- Tatyana









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